The Creative Filmmaker is a one-to-one program designed to help writers, directors and producers take charge of their careers, get clarity in their creativity and move forward with their own work.​​​​​​​

Let me guess, you have so many stories inside you that you’re desperate to tell. You’ve got lines of flawless dialogue and picture-perfect storyboards in your mind’s eye. ​​​​​​​

But you can't seem to move forward with making any of your own films
  This is you:

​​​​​​​There’s always another job on the list and it’s often just you working on the project. ​​​​​​​

You’re tired of it never moving anywhere, of the missed deadlines, of realising it’s been over a year since you came up with the concept and you’re barely out of development.  

You look at other filmmakers you know finishing their third film this year and wonder what the difference is between you and them.

You wish you were working on your own projects 99% of the time, having successful pitch meetings and having the time and energy to create meaningful concepts that you love and know viewers would adore. 

You want to create.

And you want to create films that YOU believe in, not what’s popular at film festivals right now, not what you know will “go viral” online but TRUE creation, your perspective, your work, your CREATION. 

that's why I developed:



​​​​​​​the program that’s designed to get you making REAL progress on your films.
hey, I'm Charlotte​​​​​​​

I'm a film + radio producer

I want to take you from stressed with too many notebooks to having total control over your career (no more frantic job applications). I want you feeling the most creative you’ve felt in months. 

​​​​​​​When I started working in indie film I dreamt about the amazing films I was going to produce that were going to change. lives. But within a few short months I was poring over job websites and classifieds, doing unfulfilling one-day corporate gigs, and letting my dreams fade into distant memory. 

I wanted to throw my alarm clock out of the window of my second storey bedroom (in the cheapest council flat I could find) every single morning. That’s how much I hated the place I’d gotten to. 

So, I upped and left. 

I left my job & moved in with friends in the countryside (bye bye proximity to corporate shoots in the city). 

I thought I’d figure it out, I’d sit in the country with all the time in the world and just… CREATE

BUT reality struck, 

I had eliminated all my “excuses” for why I wasn’t creating and yet somehow 


So after months of false starts, half-finished ideas and wasting time

I designed a PROCESS

A process to easily create new film ideas that don’t get stuck in development hell.

And before I knew it, I finally started making progress on the stories I loved and the films that I actually wanted to make. I developed a slate full of films I was passionate about, I got above-the-line crew attached and we started generating interest online. People were already excited to see the film and we hadn’t even finished the script edit yet


And this is the same process I use every time I’m ready to CREATE, the same process I take all my clients though and the foundation of THE CREATIVE FILMMAKER

Because here’s the thing

you don’t need to quit your job, you don’t need to pack up and head to the country and you don’t need to make like Elsa and let everything go. You can have it all and I want to show you the process that makes it a reality. 

So I created The Creative Filmmaker to give you the fast-track way back to your dreams. 

Here’s the exact process we’ll go through in the next 12 weeks 

The quickest, cleanest answer to ‘what do you do’ that’ll have them begging to see your films

Be honest with me
How long have you spent trying to get your film made?

​​​​​​​And there’s always something else in the way.

It’s time to press pause on all of the current craziness and strip it right back to who you are, and what films you dream of making. 

This is the first stage of your rebellion against who you’re expected to be as an indie filmmaker who has to spend years suffering for her art.

✔︎ Over the next four weeks we’ll find your niche as a filmmaker and start creating your slate. 

This is the roadmap for your next two years as a creative filmmaker. 

You’ll never have to ask yourself what you should be doing again. 

✔︎ By the end of Phase 1, you’re going to have a slate of developed ideas so you’ll always have something to pitch.

You’ll also have a process in place to create new concepts whenever you need to. 

Because you’ve already lost too much time + energy to distractions and writer’s block.

The simple but undervalued tool that will make pitching your film effortless

Here’s the thing, no one ever just comes out of nowhere and makes a successful film that launches their career as an exciting creative.

So you have two options: 

You can come up with 100k to get your films the attention they deserve and get emails rolling in with job offers.

↠ Or you can leverage the free resource that is social media to turn you into a filmmaker that commands attention and sells their projects with ease.

This is the key that’s made the difference for hundreds of filmmakers already.

And I can hear you already “I hate social media”

I feel you.

✔︎ That’s exactly why by the end of this phase you’ll also have this set up on autopilot so you don’t have to try and find a spare hour (or three) in your day.

Marketing, automated. It’s my favourite part.

That’s why I call this section the Below The Line phase - it’s all the smaller moving pieces that make up the big movements.

Give your work a fighting chance

Development done and dusted and pre-production planned out and ready to execute in weeks, not months 

You’ve done the hard work. We’ve set up you and your career, you have total clarity about who you are as a creative. 

Thanks to Phase 2 the whole world knows it too.

Now you’re ready to take action on one of your projects.

I do a lot of the heavy-lifting for you on this one. 

I’m going to be your left-brain, getting all of the producing tasks done behind the scenes for you. 

Whether you’ve got a finished script that’s just been sitting on your hard drive or just a seed of an idea in the back of your mind, we’re going to push it forward. 

I know you’re dying to make progress on it. 

So this is where it’s all going to happen. 

✔︎ You’ll make major progress in development and pre-production without having an official producer attached.

✔︎ And you’ll also know how to move your own projects forward without desperately trying to find a producer OR losing your mind over the pre-prod jobs you need a producer to deal with.

Just development completed in 4 weeks and a film that’s ready to go into pre-production.  

You ready to get started?


With this program you’ll make massive movements as a creative filmmaker that you never thought would be possible.

You also get:

 ➛ Weekly calls so you stay totally on track, making faster progress

  • Custom workbooks you’ll be able to create fully developed concepts from scratch without feeling like you’ve run out of all creative energy with the super simple process you can just rinse and repeat

  • Facebook group means you also get to join a like-minded community of filmmakers who are so done with the corporate gigs and always up for sharing inspiration

  • ➛ Access to exclusive materials designed to help you be more creative without the chaos

  • The Virtual Producer checklist so you can move your own projects forward without trying to find a producer (your time is too precious to spend cold-emailing people or putting up job ads)



ps. Applying today means you also get access to these exclusive bonuses:

Steal my calendar - know exactly what you need to do every day to create new projects, make your films and (successfully) manage all the things (£50)

Cinemagoer statistics - find out who you’re making films for and start cultivating an audience that’s always excited for your next film (£100)

The Editorial Calendar for Filmmakers - never run out of online content AND find out exactly what to post online for a successful launch (no more crickets on your crowdfunding campaign and way more eyes on your online release) (£150)


If you’re tired of constantly trying to balance freelance work, of never having enough money and sometimes being the only person who believes that you’ll be successful then you’re in the right place.

This program was designed specifically for filmmakers who know that it’s time for them to level up.


By the end of this program you will:

Have a system to create meaningful films so that you no longer have to work on films you aren’t passionate about

Master the online game so that you have a ready-made audience that’s always asking to see your next film

Make real progress on your project without sacrificing your job, sleep or social life

❯ Have a fully developed slate of films that you can successfully pitch to anyone

❯ Feel the most creative you’ve felt in months because you finally have a process in place to create new films whenever you want 


The lowdown

​​​​​​​Q: It’s my dream to direct my own short, but I don’t have any experience as a director. Will this still work for me?

A: Hell yes, this course was practically created for you. You’ll get the same amazing results regardless of your level of experience. 

Q: I’m struggling to stay on top of my freelance work right now, will I have the time to be able to do this?

A: Of course! I know the freelance struggle all too well which is why we go all in on our one-hour calls each week. We book the sessions to suit you and if there’s ever an issue it’s super simple to rearrange. By the end of the course you’ll also have a system in place to manage the craziness of freelancing.

Q: I’m in a full-time job and haven’t made a film for ages. Am I in the right place to do this course?

A: If you want to make your own films, then yes. We’re going to get you making major progress so you won’t be able to say ‘I haven’t made a film for ages’ for much longer.